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Panel for Parental and Social Work

Social crises, refugees and school problems: In today’s world, social engagement is increasingly important.
That’s why we, as an association, have created various offers under the Panel for Parental and Socialwork that make an important contribution to our society.

Our offer has a wide range: From socio-pedagogical support,
and educational assistance for families to humanitarian aid, the team of psychological and pedagogical specialists and volunteers for your individual problem situations. Families in which one or more members need support, also and especially when it comes to social participation, i.e. the future chances of the children and the whole family!

Children of disadvantaged parents often grow up in an extremely difficult situation.  The children run the risk of developing an impairment themselves or of being or to become socially disadvantaged. The reduction of the depends considerably on the support of the children by third parties. The socio-pedagogical family assistance (§31 SGB VIII) starts exactly here and helps to work out solutions that are close to everyday life and solutions that work better for the future. In order to find the best possible it is important that FESA’s outpatient help is implemented individually and together with the children and families.
implemented together with the children and families. The effect is that family systems are empowered to find independent and self-determined solutions to crises. Since the BBZ is a migrant organization, only experienced staff members are employed. Thus they mostly have a migration background themselves and
often speak their own language (Turkish, Arabic, German, English, French), Arabic, German, English, French, etc.). Access is facilitated and trust is quickly established, which is a good a good requirement for further work.
In addition to parent counseling, we are heavily involved in social work. With our „Meals on Wheels“ project, in 2020 we made it possible to deliver meals to elderly people or at-risk groups. On the one hand, the additional burden of shopping was removed from them and, on the other hand social exchange in times of distance.

And best of all, all the services and assistance provided by FESA are free of charge for interested parties.  Through our commitment and the resulting empowerment, we are supported in our efforts supported.