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The association „Bochumer Bildungszentrum e.V.“ (BBZ) is a migrant self-organization (MSO). It was founded from an association of second-generation migrant parents in 1998 and since then has pursued goals that are exclusively aimed at non-profit purposes. It was founded in 1998. Since then it has been active in supporting children, young people and adults of all ages, ethnicities and nationalities, especially in the areas of education and upbringing.

According to our philosophy, education (career training as well as social, cultural adult and youth education) is an essential basis for social cohesion, prosperity and international understanding. The association sees an essential task in the commitment for integration, also in the cultural and social development. For the BBZ, social-educational work is an investment in a better future for families, children and young people.

Where the youth welfae work stood in the beginning, became part of the BBZ’s tutor system and recognized language courses. Over the years, many cooperation partners and fields of activities have been added. Our counseling services offer versatile support especially for people with refugee experience and migration background. From career development counseling to continuing education counseling and educational counseling to refugee counseling, topics like work, education, upbringing and everyday life are thus covered. Here you can find the appointments.

Our multicultural, multilingual team knows how to build intercultural bridges.


Our mission statement

As a competence center, we offer future-oriented training and continuing education that focuses on the individual.
We start from an image of man that sees every human being as the holder of all human rights.
We participate in the development of society and assume a special responsibility.
We are committed to the principles of truth, clarity and confidentiality in our daily work.
Our working atmosphere is characterized by respect, tolerance and collegiality, by fairness and a willingness to cooperate.
We preserve and promote the reputation of our work through our appearance and attitude.

Our quality principles

All offers are based on a didactic-methodical concept. The events are oriented towards a variety of methods.
For us, successful learning means that the participants achieve a gain in competence that enables them to advance in their professional and social environment.

For us, successful learning means the expansion of personal and social competencies of the individual participants. These relate beyond the participants‘ professional activities to participation in cultural and social life.
Through cooperation with our participants and partners, we are constantly optimizing our services so that we meet the demands placed on us at all times. For them, a clear added value must be recognizable. With our services we increase efficiency and competitiveness.